Time to layoff some city employees!

San Diego has had several years of underfunded pensions for our city employees. On top of that, many are 'double-dipping', buying time in order to qualify for higher retirement payouts. To make matters worse, many city employees are overpaid. Below you'll find a pdf file which contains the salaries of the city's top employees for calendar year 2007. The salaries include base pay and overtime. It contains 84 pages with the lowest salary + overtime entry at $75,000.64.

Curious entries include page 7 (Lifeguard Chief) with a salary of $120,000+, page 8 (Lifeguard Sgt) $118,000+, page 11 (Lifeguard Sgt) $112,000, page 14 (Lifeguard Sgt) $108,000, and the list goes on. I understand the fire department and the police department both have hazardous jobs to do but why are so many of them on this 84 page list? Remember, the lowest salary here is $75,000.

It is my understanding that when an employee nears retirement, that person is allowed to work as much overtime as possible. This is because their retirement is based largely upon the highest grossing year worked. In other words, they're milking the system for all its worth and we're getting screwed. In this economic downturn, I strongly suggest that we take a hard look at those bloated city salaries and either reduce their pay or terminate their positions. I mean, they are working for us... aren't they?

I encourage any San Diego city employee, who takes issue with my point of view, to send me an email and explain why I'm wrong or out of line. Be forewarned, I will print your comments but will only include your first name and last initial.

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